Start of my Blog

Hello, everybody! My name is Brad and today, July 12, 2016, I started a blog. I’ve had two others, but I got very bored very quick. This blog is going to be about my life. I am 11 years old but my birthday is July 14, 2004. I cannot wait to post about my school life, home life, and just my life!

I hope you will enjoy my blog on which I will post weekly.

My immediate family is my four brothers, mom, and dad. My brothers are Cameron, 27; Sebastian, 9; Jude, 8; and Abel, 1.

I am a gamer and I love YouTube. I have a load of friends in multiple U.S.A. states. I also have friends in Europe, Australia, Africa, N. America(obviously), and I think Asia. I don’t really communicate with my friends outside of America though.

I have brown hair and eyes, my favorite color is Green, I speak a bit of Japanese, Spanish, and French. I dyed my hair green, I want to either be a YouTuber, Author, or Game Programmer. I am a YouTuber but my mom banned me from uploading for a year. My YouTube name is Woodelf 12.

My favorite food is Grilled Cheese, my favorite subject at school is either Library, Science, Art, Music, or Literature. For high school I want to attend St. Xavier, for college I want to attend U.K. It’s a university in Kentucky. My favorite TV show is All Grown Up, from the Rugrats. I LOVE music.




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