New Do, Dollar Drinks, and a Guitar

Hey guys, Brad here and I just had my haircut. My brother, Cameron cut it for me so now my hair is all short and fuzzy. Not all of the green dye and bleach was cut though so I’m going to have white and green horns for a month.

Now, my hair was so long I could give Rapunzel a run for her money, so I was ecstatic to get mine cut. I love my new hair cut and I can’t wait to have brown hair again (even though I loved my green hair). Cameron did an excellent job. School starts in a month so I will get another hair cut  to get rid of the rest of the bleach and dye.

Also, we had a church picnic so me and my friend, Neeps, Nivene, Emily, Buckleberry Fitzgerald, or Noah(whichever nickname you want to call him) worked at the drink booth for two hours. Unfortunately, we did not get a discount on drinks.

We had fun and I’m happy. Also, I got a guitar for my birthday and I play it every day. Cameron is giving me lessons!


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