I Nearly Died!

Over the past week, a lot of things happened. I visited my school so my Dad could run a football meeting, and then, a few days later, something amazing happened.

My mom had asked me if I remembered going to Holiday World with my friend, Noah. I said yes, that was one of my favorite days ever! She said I was invited to go to Kentucky Kingdom with him! The next day, I convinced mom to let me bring swim trunks, just in case we visit Hurricane Bay. I arrived at Noah’s house and we hung out for a while until we finally left for Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay! Zach met us there.

I rode a ferris wheel for the first time! Then, we dropped off our stuff at the Kiddy Pool. After that, we rode the Roller Skater, which lasted approximately 10 seconds. It was more fun than we thought! Then we went to a water raft. Then, we hit the wave pool. Then the kid wave pool, the lazy river, and a water rafting slide. Then we went to a water rafting slide. Finally, we split up.

We walked up ten levels of stairs to get to a long, blue, horizontal water slide. I left Zach and Noah there. I continued up five more levels to wait in a thirty minute line, which Zach and Noah joined me in for five minutes. There was a blond girl ahead of me who got scared at the last second and decided to watch me do it before doing it herself.

It was my turn. I walked in a plastic tube with a metal trapdoor under my feet. “3, 2, 1, Launch.” Said a female voice. I crossed my ankles and arms and held my nose. The trapdoor flapped open and I was flying! I was a foot above the slide for five seconds before I hit the water. My eyes were closed. The water was smacking me everywhere. Even (unfortunately) my balls. The twenty second ride was awesome. First off, the drop was at a 90 degree angle. For the first 40 feet, it was a straight line down. Then it gradually leveled out, and I jumped out. I waited to see the girl behind me go, so I assume the blond girl never went.

My friends and I dried off and hit the T-3 roller coaster. The line was long, and my go was postponed because of people with a Disability Pass, but eventually, I rode it with Noah’s mom (Noah rode with Zach). I forgot to pull my head back and I was folded in half. I felt like my spine had snapped in half. I still do! 2 DAYS LATER!!!!!! Anyway, my glasses flew off my face and I grabbed them just in time. Then, we went on the Lightning Run, which Noah nicknamed “The Balls Destroyer”. Honestly, on my go, the only pain I felt was from tightening my safety bar to tight and it digging into my legs, and my back from the previous ride. I was so determined not to hurt my back, I ended up pulling a stupid face!

I felt like I had swallowed my esophagus. The last ride, Professor John’s Flying Machine, was fun. Even though it was incorrectly named (There was more than one machine!), it was fun. Then, I had a sleepover at Noah’s, and Noah, Zach, and I picked up our friend Peyton, and we went to a water park for my Birthday Friend Party, days after my actual birthday. It was a fun two days I had! Even though I nearly snapped my spine in two.



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